January 23, 2014

California conference to highlight juvenile treatment

Michael Caldwell, co-founder of the Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center in Wisconsin, will share his Center’s innovative approach to treating hard-core juvenile offenders at this year’s Forensic Mental Health Association of California (FMHAC) conference.

Caldwell, whose research on juvenile risk assessment has been highlighted on this blog, says the Mendota approach has been proven to reduce violent offense among the extreme end of intractable juvenile delinquents who absorb such a disproportionate amount of rehabilitation resources and account for a large proportion of violent crimes.

His two workshops are part of a special juvenile track that will also feature a session on introducing the practice of mindfulness to incarcerated juveniles.

The juvenile track is one of five special tracks at this year’s FMHAC conference, coming up March 19 in beautiful Monterey, California. The other tracks are clinical/assessment, legal, psychiatric and, of course, the omnipresent sex offender track.

More details and registration information can be found HERE.The FMHAC's website is HERE.

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