June 15, 2011

New review of sex offender treatment text


ACH said...

According to this document, 12 jurisdictions with SVP commitment claimed to use a "good lives" model.

From the horror stories from coming out of Coalinga from the inmates, I wonder what "good lives" would involve. Maybe staff who refuse to administer CPR to inmates and forbid inmates from administering it instead would teach the inmates to be nice people when they get out, even though they were sent there to die?

Anonymous said...

Any SVP treatment review designated for lawyers scares me. That sends the messages that such "diagnoses" will [eventually] be taken out of the hands of the professionals and initiated by law enforcement and those in the field of law.

This also brings to mind the comment someone else here made about how the DSM-V sub-committee for sexual disorders is being reviewed by lawyers.


Am I missing something?