February 7, 2011

Special issue, Current Directions in Psychological Science

The February issue offers a cutting-edge roundup of psychology-law topics, with contributions from many luminaries. Click on an author link to request a reprint.
  • Expert Psychological Testimony by Brian L. Cutler and Margaret Bull Kovera (I haven't finished reading this one yet, but I see that it discusses the critical issue of adversarial allegiance, identified by Murrie, Boccaccini and their colleagues in regard to the Psychopathy Checklist)
  • Future Directions in the Restoration of Competency to Stand Trial by Patricia A. Zapf and Ronald Roesch
  • Current Directions in Violence Risk Assessment by Jennifer L. Skeem and John Monahan
  • Jury Decision Making: Implications For and From Psychology by Brian H. Borstein and Edie Greene
  • The Utility of Scientific Jury Selection: Still Murky After 30 Years by Joel D. Lieberman
  • Resolving the Offender "Profiling Equations" and the Emergence of an Investigative Psychology by David V. Canter
  • Forensic Interviewing Aids: Do Props Help Children Answer Questions About Touching? by Debra Ann Poole, Maggie Bruck, Margaret-Ellen Pipe
  • Interviewing Cooperative Witnesses by Ronald P. Fisher, Rebecca Milne, and Ray Bull
  • Current Issues and Advances in Misinformation Research by Steven J. Frenda, Rebecca M. Nichols, and Elizabeth F. Loftus
  • Eyewitness Identification by Neil Brewer and Gary L. Wells
  • Outsmarting the Liars: Toward A Cognitive Lie Detection Approach by Aldert Vrjj, Par Anders Granhag, Samantha Mann, and Sharon Leal

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