February 11, 2011

New site features competency rogues' gallery

At long last, I have completed a WordPress redesign of my decrepit old website. The new site features a compilation of publicly accessible resources on legal competencies, including reports, videos, and court transcripts on cases ranging from Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber) To boxer Mike Tyson to suspected "dirty bomber" Jose Padilla. These resources, most free and online, are available for instructors, students, practitioners, and anyone else who is interested. For training purposes, it’s hard to beat real-life reports and videos, especially from high-profile or otherwise fascinating cases. To see the full gallery, go to my new website -- HERE -- and click on the Resources tab. Have fun exploring. And please submit a comment on this page if you know of any other resources that I didn't list.

Thanks to all of you who helped with this project by giving me leads -- Denis, Steve, Frank, Eileen, Christina, Ronna, and others.

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