February 3, 2011

International readers: Diagnostic survey please

I am curious about diagnostic practices outside of the United States, as I prepare to give some international trainings later this year. If you are in forensic practice somewhere other than the USA, I would like to invite you to complete this very brief online survey. It is only 10 items, and should take you less than 5 minutes. It will help me out a lot. I will even share the results. I know a convenience sample like this is not scientific, but the more of you who complete it the more educational it will be.

You Americans, please refrain. I already know which manual you use. As a consolation prize, you can complete the one-item trivia poll just below the diagnostic survey. Make your best guess, and instantly learn how others voted.

And if you could pass this along to other colleagues outside of the United States, I would greatly appreciate it. Here's a convenient url that you can just cut and paste to share: http://3.ly/diagnosis. Or, if you would like to bypass this blog page and go directly to the survey site, you can use this url: http://3.ly/diagnosis2.

Thank you very much for your help.

And now, the one-item consolation poll for all readers:


  1. The trivia question - doesn't it depend on how repellent the child is?

  2. That's no good, then -I'll bring them back in.....
    only joking, haven't got any, but what's the "right" answer?

  3. Oh, sorry -- didn't mean to leave you hanging. The correct answer is 200,000 years. The person promoting this factoid is Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids.

  4. Thanks, Karen - btw, I'm reading the Habeas Corpus history and the Police Interrogation books you recommended: both excellent and thought -provoking in many spheres. Thanks again.