June 1, 2010

More coverage of psychopathy censorship controversy

The controversy over Robert Hare's attempt to block publication of a peer-reviewed article critical of his psychopathy construct is getting more attention since Sunday's blog post. Among the online coverage:
  • Intellectual Competence and the Death Penalty gives it a nod, as does Kevin Cole, Dean at the University of San Diego School of Law, at his CrimProf blog.
  • And they're even blogging about it over in Gothenburg, Sweden!
Overwhelmingly, opinion is that Dr. Hare shot himself in the foot by threatening legal action against the researchers and the journal. Hopefully, this debacle will serve as a cautionary tale for others whose research undergoes critical scrutiny due to forensic or other public-policy implications.


Rebecca MW said...

:) Sweden, actually (Gothenburg). But Germany is not too far away!

Karen Franklin, Ph.D. said...

Oops! I have corrected the post. Sorry about that.