December 29, 2013

Special journal issue on sex offender treatment available online

Phil Rich
This month's International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy is a special issue on current issues in sex offender treatment. The special issue is edited by Phil Rich (author of several books on juvenile sex offending) and features articles by prominent individuals in the field. The journal is available free online. Click on the links below to either view the entire issue, or to read, download or save individual articles.

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Introduction to the Special Issue- Phil Rich

Lessons Learned from History and Experience: Five Simple Ways to Improve the Efficacy of Sexual Offender Treatment- Deirdre M. D’Orazio

Some Essential Environmental Ingredients for Sex Offender Reintegration- Douglas P. Boer

Taking a Developmental Approach to Treating Juvenile Sexual Behavior Problems- Kevin Creeden

Using Mindfulness in the Treatment of Adolescent Sexual Abusers: Contributing Common Factor or a Primary Modality?- Jerry L. Jennings, Jack A. Apsche, Paige Blossom, & Corliss Bayles

Expensive, Harmful Policies that Don’t Work or How Juvenile Sexual Offending is Addressed in the U.S.- Elizabeth J. Letourneau & Michael F. Caldwell

The Risk Need Responsivity Model of Offender Rehabilitation: Is There Really a Need For a Paradigm Shift?- Jan Looman & Jeffrey Abracen

A Community Treatment Model for Adolescents Who Sexually Harm: Diverting Youth from Criminal Justice to Therapeutic Responses- Russ Pratt

The Rashomon Dilemma: Perspectives on and Dilemmas in Evidence-Based Practice- David S. Prescott

Youth Sexual Offending: Context, Good-Enough Lives, and Engaging With a Wider Prevention Agenda- Stephen Smallbone, Susan Rayment-Mchugh, & Dimity Smith

Why Prevention? Why Now?- Joan Tabachnick

Implications of our Developing Understanding of Risk and Protective Factors in the Treatment of Adult Male Sexual Offenders- David Thornton

Altruism, Empathy, and Sex Offender Treatment- Tony Ward & Russil Durrant

Putting the “Community” Back in Community Risk Management of Persons Who Have Sexually Abused- Robin J. Wilson & Andrew J. McWhinnie

What were we thinking? Five erroneous assumptions that have fueled specialized interventions for adolescents who have sexually offended- James R. Worling

Treatment of Sexual Offenders: Research, Best Practices, and Emerging Models- Pamela M. Yates 

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