January 13, 2013

Happy New Year’s – and thanks for your support!

Thanks very much to those of you who responded to my request for help, contributing money or subscribing. And a special thanks to you returning subscribers. Your kind assistance is much appreciated. You are fabulous!

I especially enjoy the notes some of you send, letting me know how you use the blog. Here's one I appreciated, for instance, from a contributor in a Midwestern city:

"Enjoy your blog. I supervise a number of psychology interns. They read your blog. Keep up the good work."

For those of you who meant to chip in but haven’t gotten around to it yet, check the earlier post (click HERE) for quick and easy ways to contribute. (The information can also be found in the right column of the blog's home page.) Please join in today, to help keep this blog thriving in 2013 ... and beyond.

Happy New Year’s to all of you!

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