December 20, 2012


As another year comes to an end, I would like to thank all my loyal readers and subscribers. Both readership and subscriptions have multiplied by leaps and bounds in 2012. But it's not just quantity that counts: Subscribers are a fascinating cross-disciplinary mix of forensic practitioners, lawyers, educators, criminologists, researchers, authors and policy advocates. Geographically, you hale from nearly all of the U.S. states and dozens of nations around the world, from Saudi Arabia and Turkey to Scotland and Lithuania.

Last year at this time, I sent out my first request for assistance, inviting readers to join my circle of support. Many of you responded, lending tangible support through monetary contributions, paid subscriptions, book donations, and other forms of encouragement.

The response was gratifying; I am thankful to each and every one of you who responded in any way. On a practical level, your generous support helps to defray the out-of-pocket expenses of producing this blog. (Despite the temptation to "monetize," I've decided to keep the blog itself strictly ad-free; Feedblitz takes 100 percent of the proceeds from the ads that they embed in subscribers' newsletters.)

On a more spiritual level, the support reminds me that you find the time and energy I devote to blogging useful in keeping you connected and abreast of developments in the field. This in turn helps me stay motivated to keep the blog going, even at those times when it feels like too much work.

For those of you who have not yet chipped in, there are several easy ways to do so. Here are three ways to join my expanding circle of support, and help keep this blog going strong:

1. Donate. Give a one-time donation of any amount you choose. Paypal makes it simple; just click on the “DONATE” button on the blog. If you prefer not to use Paypal, you can always drop a check in the mail, payable to Karen Franklin, PhD, 3060 El Cerrito Plaza Suite 121, El Cerrito CA 94530 USA.

2. Subscribe. A $3 monthly subscription helps defray my Internet fees and research costs. Just click on the "SUBSCRIBE" button in the upper right column of the blog. Again, Paypal makes it quick and easy.

3. Gift. Finally, donating a book from my Amazon wish list is a great way to show your appreciation. The list is HERE; you can also browse through it on the blog page. There's a price range for everyone.

Thanks again to all of you who have given me so much support over the years, whether materially or through your notes of thanks, your public comments on blog posts (which help me track relative interest in different topics), or even your "yes" votes on my Amazon reviews.

Here's wishing each of you an upbeat holiday season and a wonderful and productive 2013.

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1 comment:

researcherone said...

Hi Karen,

It has been my pleasure to contribute in any way possible. I haven't been able to donate due to a tight budget, but I will happily do so this coming year.

I thank you for the blog and everything you have provided to the reading public, which must be a real feat, considering how busy you are. The stories are always informative and insightful. I look forward to your deliveries and enjoy reading and commenting on your posts.

Here's to a pleasant holiday season and a wonderful 2013.