March 23, 2011

Blogger seeking megabytes

Please bear with this brief solicitation: I use a free online data storage service called Dropbox. It lets me quickly and easily access files from my various work stations (such as blog posts in progress), and also share selected files and folders with colleagues, attorneys and students. Unfortunately, a gargantuan case I am involved in is using up all of my free space. Thus, this request: If you plan to start using Dropbox, please consider signing up via the link below. For each person who installs Dropbox using this link, your faithful blogger will get additional free storage. (You have to actually install the software on your computer, not just sign up for an account, in order for me to get the bonus megabytes.)

Thank you in advance; I appreciate your help!


Unknown said...

I'm happy to report that the person downloading it also gets bonus storage space by accepting your referral. Truly a win-win. I'd been meaning to download it anyway so this worked out well. Thanks Karen!

Karen Franklin, Ph.D. said...

Thanks very much, Jules. I've been gratified by the response to my request. Keep it up, folks!