January 11, 2011

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I haven't been able to carve out much blogging time lately, despite an ever-growing list of worthy topics. If you would like more frequent updates from me, you can subscribe to my Twitter feed. Tweets are just brief headlines, directing you to other articles on the web. To give you a sample, I have just tweeted about (among other things):
  • Guarding Grandpa: Illinois spending money it doesn't have to keep convicts who can barely walk behind bars
  • Supreme court may decide if juveniles 14-and-under can be sentenced to life without parole
  • Tucson rampage -- Wall Street Journal asks: Is There Really a Link Between Violence and Mental Illness?
  • Autistic children immune to contagious yawn
  • Dark side of Oxytocin: Hormone of the clan, not of universal brotherhood
  • Secondhand TV linked 2 eating disorders among girls in Fiji
  • New drug stockpile enough to kill 80 people
  • Lucasville Five Hunger Strike Begins
  • On Bradley Manning, Solitary Confinement, and Selective Outrage
  • The Nazi and the Psychiatrist
For lots more interesting news, I also recommend you check out Vaughan Bell's great blog, Mind Hacks. His weekly "Spike Activity" roundup will keep you up to date on psychology news and views from around the globe.

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