September 2, 2010

Open access to schizophrenia articles

Due to the widespread attention it is getting, a special issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science on schizophrenia has just been made freely accessible online, the Association for Psychological Science announced. The articles (available HERE) include:
  • Neurodevelopment and Schizophrenia: Broadening the Focus by Elaine Walker, Dan Shapiro, Michelle Esterberg, and Hanan Trotman
  • Prenatal Factors in Schizophrenia by Suzanne King, Annie St-Hilaire, and David Heidkamp
  • Current Research on the Genetic Contributors to Schizophrenia by Michael F. Pogue-Geile, and Jessica L.Yokley
  • Schizophrenia Course, Long-Term Outcome, Recovery, and Prognosis by Thomas H. Jobe and Martin Harrow
  • Structural and Functional Brain Abnormalities in Schizophrenia by Katherine H. Karlsgodt, Daqiang Sun, and Tyrone D. Cannon
  • Ventral Hippocampus, Interneurons, and Schizophrenia: A New Understanding of the Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia and Its Implications for Treatment and Prevention by Anthony A. Grace
  • Social Factors in Schizophrenia by Jill M. Hooley
  • Social Cognition in Schizophrenia by Michael F. Green and William P. Horan
  • Cognitive Functioning and Disability in Schizophrenia by Philip D. Harvey
  • Emotion in Schizophrenia: Where Feeling Meets Thinking by Ann M. Kring and Janelle M. Caponigro
  • Psychosocial Treatments for Schizophrenia by Jean Addington, Danijela Piskulic, and Catherine Marshall
  • New Opportunities in the Treatment of Cognitive Impairments Associated with Schizophrenia by Mark A. Geyer
Get 'em while they're fresh!

Hat tip: Ken Pope

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