June 25, 2010

Oodles of free criminology articles

Sage journals wants you … and they are offering a wide array of taste treats from more than a dozen different journals, in the hopes of luring you in. Just click on any of the below links to download the free article(s) of your choice:

Journal: Youth Justice
Criminalizing Sociability through Anti-social Behaviour Legislation: Dispersal Powers, Young People and the Police

Journal: Sex Abuse
Psychological Profiles of Internet Sexual Offenders: Comparisons With Contact Sexual Offenders

Journal: Police Quarterly
The Effect of Higher Education on Police Behavior

Journal: European Journal of Criminology
Girls, gangs and violence: Assessing the evidence

Journal: Punishment Society
The relevance of inmate race/ethnicity versus population composition for understanding prison rule violations

Journal: Homicide Studies
A Multidimensional Analysis of Criminal Specialization Among Single-Victim and Serial Homicide Offenders

Journal: Feminist Criminology

Journal: Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice
Internet Development, Censorship, and Cyber Crimes in China

Journal: Trauma Violence and Abuse
Understanding Human Trafficking in the United States

Journal: Criminal Justice and Behavior
Violent Video Games and Aggression: Causal Relationship or Byproduct of Family Violence and Intrinsic Violence Motivation?

Journal: Crime Delinquency
Opportunities, Rational Choice, and Self-Control: On the Interaction of Person and Situation in a General Theory of Crime

Journal: Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice
Youthful Suicide and Social Support: Exploring the Social Dynamics of Suicide-Related Behav
ior and Attitudes Within a National Sample of US Adolescents

Thanks to Jarrod Steffan, a forensic and clinical psychologist in Wichita, Kansas who specializes in criminal forensic psychology, for sharing this special offer with us.

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Unbelievable resource. Much appreciated.