March 24, 2010

Excellent overview of insanity evaluations

I just finished Ira Packer's new book, Evaluation of Criminal Responsibility, from the Best Practices in Forensic Mental Health Assessment series. I found it to be an excellent summary manual, and affordably priced to boot. Here is the start of my review; click HERE for the full review:
This crisply written manual provides a balanced summary of the case law, empirical research, and developing practice standards for conducting insanity evaluations. Ira Packer, an award-winning scholar and long-time leader in the field of forensic psychology, brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to this topic. His discussions of controversial topics, such as whether to provide an “ultimate issue” opinion and how to approach the possibility of malingering, are especially balanced and nuanced.

Criminal responsibility evaluations are difficult endeavors both because of their retrospective nature, and also because we can never know for sure what was going on in someone else’s head, especially when that person may have understandable reasons to distort....
My full review is HERE. (Please be sure to click on "yes" if you find the review helpful; that boosts my Amazon ranking.)

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