December 20, 2009

Best wishes for the holidays

If you have noticed a dearth of posts lately, it is because I am taking a holiday break. Until my return, I would like to wish all of you -- and especially my loyal subscribers -- a wonderful holiday season and a new year of peace and happiness.

Karen Franklin, Ph.D.


Sree said...

Happy Holidays!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great year of informative posts and incisive commentary!

Mark B. Whitehill, Ph.D.

Zot said...

Just a short note to say we appreciate all the work you put into this and to wish you a happy break.

Tom said...

Just started reading your blog & it's really great! Hope you have a great New Year and I'll be awaiting your return! ;)


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ForenPsych said...

Best wishes for the holidays and 2010. Being in the trenches, it is amazing and invaluable to have access to the information you find and present. What was I doing before?! I'm going to keep thanking you because I do APPRECIATE your blog.