March 13, 2009

Special issue on sex offending

For all of you sex offender specialists, the Federal Sentencing Reporter's special issue on sex offenders is now available. It's got some excellent policy-related coverage, including a historical overview by editor Michael M. O'Hear, Perpetual Panic, that is available for online download. For the rest of the articles, you need to subscribe or request them from the authors. (Law professor Corey Yung's article, along with many others he has written on related topics, is accessible for download for free from the Social Science Research Network.) The offerings include:
  • Perpetual Panic - Michael M. O'Hear
  • Sex Offender Treatment: Reconciling Criminal Justice Priorities and Therapeutic Goals - Mary Ann Farkas, Gale Miller
  • Child Pornography Sentencing: The Road Here and the Road Ahead - Ian N. Friedman, Kristina W. Supler
  • Sexual Predator Laws: A Two-Decade Retrospective - Eric S. Janus, Robert A. Prentky
  • Kennedy v. Louisiana: A Chapter of Subtle Changes in the Supreme Court's Book on the Death Penalty - Mary Graw Leary
  • Brandishing the Mark of Cain: Defects in the Adam Walsh Act - Joseph L. Lester
  • American and Canadian Approaches to Sex Offenders: A Study of the Politics of Dangerousness - Michael Petrunik, Lisa Murphy, J. Paul Fedoroff
  • From Wetterling to Walsh: The Growth of Federalization in Sex Offender Policy - Richard G. Wright
  • The Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act and the Commerce Clause - Corey Rayburn Yung

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