March 3, 2009

3 decades in the hole, but were they guilty?

NPR's Legal Affairs:
Case Of Angola Inmates Heads To Court

The fate of two men who spent longer in solitary confinement than any other U.S. inmate will be argued in a federal court in Louisiana. The men were convicted 36 years ago of killing a prison guard in a racially charged investigation. After almost four decades in solitary, there are now questions about their guilt.
Audio story available HERE (after 7:00 pm WCT on March 3, 2009)

Today's Times-Picayune coverage is HERE

Last year's Mother Jones interview with the former Black Panthers,
Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace, is HERE

Photo: Replica of prisoner Herman Wallace's solitary confinement cell at Angola (nicknamed “the last slave plantation") by artist Jackie Sumell. Photo credit: hragvartanian (Creative Commons license)

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