August 11, 2008

N.Y. Law School offering online courses

Forensic topics - sex offenders, therapeutic jurisprudence

Professor Michael Perlin, a preeminent scholar in the field of psychology-law and author of an excellent new book on competency, is announcing an exciting array of online, distance learning courses this fall through the New York Law School.

"Courses combine streaming videos, readings, weekly synchronous chat rooms (meaning, class meets at 8:45 on Monday night, say, but you can be home in your pajamas or at a coffee shop, not in Room A 602), asynchronous message boards and two full day live face-to-face seminars (in which skills issues are always emphasized)," says Perlin.

The four courses being offered this fall are:
  • Survey of Mental Disability Law (Monday, 8:45-10 pm)
  • Sex Offenders (Tuesday, 8:45-10 pm)
  • Therapeutic Jurisprudence (Wednesday, 8:45-10 pm)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act: Law, Policy and Procedure (Thursday, 8:45-10 pm)
The courses are open to law students, attorneys (CLE is available), mental health professionals, graduate students in psychology and criminal justice, criminal justice professionals, human rights workers, medical students, forensic fellows, advocates, and activists.

More information on the online program in mental disability law, including registration information, is here. You can also directly email Liane Bass, Esq., senior administrator of the program.

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