January 30, 2008

Is Dr. Phil actually a psychologist?

No, actually he is not. But he does play one on TV. Had he not recently "stepped in it," most professionals would probably just think of him as an entertainer who happens to have a professional degree. Despite the uproar, he probably didn't cause himself any legal problems by visiting that hospital or by making a public statement. But he may have crossed over a line when he went on the air and explained himself.

This is the start of a thoughtful analysis by Sacramento forensic psychologist Paul Mattiuzzi that goes on to answer the following questions currently being debated in the public arena:
  • What's the big deal about whether he's licensed or not?
  • Is Dr. Phil going to be disciplined?
  • What's probably going to happen?
  • Did Dr. Phil really and intentionally mislead the public?
  • Shouldn't he just do the right thing and get a license?
The essay is at the Everyday Psychology blog.

My Jan. 10 post on the Dr. Phil - Britney Spears controversy, "Dr. Phil controversy highlights public confusion over psychology," is here.