October 5, 2007

Hot off the press: Two new forensic psychology texts

Psychological Evaluations for the Courts, Third Edition: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals and Lawyers

Authors: Gary Melton, John Petrila, Norman Poythress, and Christopher Slobogin

Book description:
"The definitive reference and text for both mental health and legal professionals is now in a thoroughly updated third edition. This volume offers a uniquely comprehensive discussion of the legal and clinical contexts of forensic assessment, along with best-practice guidelines for participating effectively and ethically in a wide range of criminal and civil proceedings. Extensively revised, the third edition analyzes recent legal developments concerning the admissibility of expert testimony, the insanity defense, sexual predators, the death penalty, outpatient commitment, medication refusal, juvenile justice, antidiscrimination laws, special education laws, and more. It also presents new empirical findings and instruments related to risk assessment, criminal and civil competencies, child custody, and feigning mental illness."

ractical Approaches to Forensic Mental Health Testimony

Authors: Thomas Gutheil and Frank Dattilio

Book description: "A practical hands-on guide to testifying in court on mental health issues, this text offers a vital tool for the novice as well as the most seasoned practitioner. Prepared by two of the field's leading scholars and practitioners, this original work cuts through dense forensic mental health theory and addresses the actual, concrete approaches to ethical and effective testimony that experts need in court. Rich in multiple examples of courtroom dialogue, direct and cross examination, collaboration with attorneys, and the craft of effective testimony, this text describes the common pitfalls and various traps that experts so frequently encounter and tells you how to avoid them. Strategies and techniques are clearly illustrated and arm readers with exactly what they need to be successful in their testimony. This book is a must-read for anyone serious about excelling in court."